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With Jenson Button confirmed at BAR for next year, the 2006 driver market has almost completely fallen into shape. The next major slot to be filled is the second Williams-Cosworth seat alongisde Mark Webber. Williams third driver Antonio Pizzonia is hotly tipped, although his poor working relationship with Webber at Jaguar in 2003 and recent late-race accident at Spa will not help his car.

There are many in the paddock who suggest, not without some justification, that Pizzonia has had enough chances at Formula One and Williams should give GP2 champion-elect Nico Rosberg or BAR testing star Anthony Davidson a chance. But the cold, hard Petronas cash backing Pizzonia may be difficult for Frank Williams to argue with.

M Schumacher
F Massa

J Button
R Barrichello

F Alonso
G Fisichella

M Webber
A Pizzonia?
N Rosberg?
A Davidson?

K Raikkonen
JP Montoya

J Trulli
R Schumacher

Red Bull
D Coulthard
C Klien?

Sauber (BMW)
J Villeneuve
N Heidfeld

Midland F1 (ex-Jordan)
A Davidson?
T Monteiro?
N Karthikeyan?

Red Bull Jnr (ex-Minardi)
V Liuzzi?
S Speed?

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