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Brawn hails 'revitalised' Button

Brawn on Button: "I don't think last year with the equipment he had… I commented a few times, I saw some good races, I saw some races that were not great. You know him, you can see he is revelling in it and he is driving very well. He is such a smooth driver it is incredible."

F1 cars get a power boost, but at what risk?

"Another problem is the possibility of the kind of lithium battery fires that have sometimes destroyed laptops. That will mean a careful choice of cathode for these batteries to minimise the possibility of a short circuit, says Simon Sheldon of Amberjac Projects in Grantham, UK, which is developing its own battery-based systems for hybrid cars." (via BritsonPole)


"Jenson Button emulates the great Juan Manuel Fangio. The late five times World Champion managed to put a brand new car, entered by a debutant team, on pole position in both the first two Grands Prix."

Lewis Hamilton badly tainted by McLaren's new scandal

"Hamilton is a brilliant driver and a fierce competitor who has had much to overcome to get where he is. But increasingly his image is suffering from his association with a team the rest of the paddock loves to hate and which has a talent for getting into trouble."

A very awkward question for Martin Whitmarsh

"McLaren being caught lying through the actions of Ryan and Hamilton is one thing; if it turns out that they have properly scapegoated Ryan and lied again about who knew about what was going on, I would fear for the consequences on their behalf. The FIA is not going to like that at all. The Times does in fact have an admission of sorts on this issue but it would be improper to report it here at this stage."

Red Bull's Horner on diffusers, that crash & more

"I’ve watched the replay many, many times. Sebastian was 100 percent on the inside, defending his line. And it’s the responsibility of the driver on the outside to go around you. Sebastian couldn’t just vanish and my guess is that whatever Sebastian would have done, Robert still would have hit him. It was a great shame to finish such a great race in such a way."

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  1. Hamilton to conquer the American racing scene? A black president, a black champion? Sorry to mention the race bit (although the left-wing press mention it a lot!), but, wow, can you imagine the sponsorship he could raise, and a chance to start afresh after the Ryangate affair! Also, the Americans might like him, as he would attract new audiences too. Hamilton here he comes?

    1. yeah maybe the usa might like him. cos we all know the europeans dont like him.

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