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Review the British Grand Prix live blog below.

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2 comments on “British Grand Prix Live Blog”

  1. Strategically it was an interesting race with many cars winning and losing during the pit stops but too little passing. Fiseco’s double overtake was beautiful.
    Bourdais’s attempt on Heikki was not.

  2. phill aka pipkin
    23rd June 2009, 1:58

    it’s a good job I was at my pal’s for lunch the best bit of the race was our curry,oh and the beer (thanks m and w )ps M Schumacher the stig????????? don’t you think somone would of recognized his accent from under that white lid of his,I think it’s best not to know. all the best JB lets hope it’s your year.—-Phill (aka pip)Newton Abbot

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