18 comments on “Red Bull’s 2010 Christmas card”

  1. the best card this season…

  2. did bernie not release a xmas card this year?

    perhaps he’s not feeling so festive this year:)

  3. 1992 Peugeot Talbot Sport (@peugeot-905-92-93-le-mans-winner)
    26th December 2010, 12:08

    And the broken nose front wing of webber car behind????? Looked like the broken front wing At Silverstone GP practise

    1. Vettel had the broken nose not Webber … ;-)

  4. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

  5. they are just agreeing that they made team work on red bull aswell

  6. HAHAHA this is so funny i cant stop laughing :D

  7. I’m a Ferrari fan. But this is funny. :D

  8. Love it, just love it! I’m a McLaren fan.

    I’m starting to think that Ferrari are detrimental to F1, with their ongoing influence with WMSC and FIA, their enlarged share of the revenue and their complete absence of any senses of fair play.

    Is there any other sport where one team receives so much favour?

    1. Man Utd and the lack of away team penalties and yellow cards for Man utd defenders is probably on a par.

  9. That’s comedy GOLD!…then again all the other teams new years resolution is ‘to be like Red Bull’.

  10. Childishness, in really poor taste.

  11. I’m a big Ferrari fan and this is funny!

  12. Absolutely brilliant card, and good to see even some Ferrari fans can enjoy a little bit of it. Shame there is always 1 to be a stick in the mud though…

  13. spanky the wonder monkey
    29th December 2010, 8:29


  14. LOL very funny, perhaps this is where all the illegal budget went to…..

    tho i see the red bull drivers arent racing in the carton just like 2010…webber ‘knows the rules’ i see.

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