Pierre Gasly, Red Bull, Circuit de Catalunya, 2019

2020 pre-season tests and launches

The first race of the 2020 F1 season will be in March but before then we’ve got the new car launches and pre-season testing to look forward to!

2020 F1 car launches

Five of the 10 teams have confirmed their launch arrangements for the new season. Note that some of them are holding ‘season launches’ at which they may not necessarily present their new cars. In those cases their 2020 machines may not appear until pre-season testing begins.

Date Team Event Location Notes
11th February Ferrari 2020 car launch Reggio Emilia
12th February Red Bull 2020 car launch TBA
12th February Renault 2020 season launch Paris May not present 2020 car
13th February McLaren 2020 car launch McLaren Technology Centre
14th February Mercedes 2020 car launch Silverstone Not open to media or public, will present material online
14th February Alpha Tauri 2020 season launch Hangar-7, Salzburg May not present 2020 car
17th February Racing Point 2020 season launch Mondsee May not present 2020 car
19th February Haas 2020 car launch Circuit de Catalunya Before start of testing
19th February Alfa Romeo 2020 car launch Circuit de Catalunya Before start of testing
19th February Williams 2020 car launch Circuit de Catalunya Before start of testing; livery will be presented online on 17th

Red Bull’s launch plans have not yet been confirmed.

2020 pre-season F1 testing

[smr2020test]Because the 2020 F1 calendar has expanded to a record-breaking 22 races, the amount of pre-season testing this year has been cut. Instead of eight days of running, the teams will have just six days to test their cars before the new season begins.

The tests will be held on the following days:

All 10 teams are expected to take part in the pre-season tests.

RaceFans will report from the track throughout all six days of testing. Here’s how you can keep up with the latest from us:

Add the 2020 season dates to your calendar

You can add the dates for all the 2020 F1 car launches, pre-season tests and all the sessions which make up the calendar via this link:

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